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Terms & Conditions

Specification for the repair, renovation and installation of Reddiseal draught proofing system to vertical sliding sash windows: Carry out strengthening of all tenon joints and where necessary VR90 tenon repairs to all sashes.

  • All box frame and cill repairs carried out with timber and VR90 two part resin system.
  • Ease, adjust, lubricate or renew pulley wheels where necessary.
  • Renew sash cords throughout with No 5 waxed cord.
  • Align mid rails.
  • Renew all parting beads.
  • Renew all staff beads.
  • Fit the Reddiseal draught proofing system to all windows utilizing eight gauges of Weatherfin brush pile.
  • All new joinery will be supplied in hard wood and primed white only – ready for paint, unless pre-arranged before ordering.
  • All existing joinery (flat surfaces) which has been repaired will be primed white only, this does not include glazing bars.
  • All replacement joinery to match existing.
  • Rebalance sashes.
  • Price does not include work to windowboards, architrave, reveals, shutters, external decorative cladding, lintels, sub cill, fixed lights or the sealing of windows to masonry, and our work is confined to the cill, frames and sashes only. All LOOSE putty will be refaced with new only.
  • * Draught Proofing your sash windows will provide you with energy savings and therefore the governments reduced rate of 5% VAT is applicable. The standard rate is applicable on additional renovations/repair and new joinery and is charged in accordance with current guidelines. The standard rate of 20% is applicable on all new joinery.
  • In certain circumstances, especially old buildings, plaster may fall off when replacing cills – this is due to old, damaged and blown plaster and hilights a pre-existing problem which Sash Window Rescue Ltd are not liable for.
  • Supply of additional lead weights to rebalance sashes where necessary exceeding 10lb of above quotation, will be charged at £1.50 per lb.
  • Sash Window Rescue Ltd will always endeavour to give an honest and true quotation but there may be some rot or damage not picked up until existing windows are removed. Any damage found after removal will be discussed fully with the client before incurring any extra cost.
  • 50% payment will be required on acceptance of this quote with the balance due on satisfactory completion.

All goods remain the property of Sash Window Rescue Ltd until full payment is received. Full and final payment is required on satisfactory completion of work. All work carried out by Sash Window Rescue Ltd is covered under our 5 year warranty.  PLEASE RETAIN YOUR PAID INVOICE AS CONFIRMATION OF YOUR 5 YEAR WARRANTY  ­ VALID FROM FINAL PAYMENT DATE OF THE FRONT OF ON THE INVOICE.

NOTE: UNWARRANTED CALL OUTS WILL BE CHARGED  AT A RATE OF £100 + VAT. This is when Sash Window Rescue Ltd are called out to repair windows and cills which have been damaged by a 3rd party or after inspection it is deemed that there is no functional or weight issue with the window.

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